Whispers in the Wind be a fantasy webcomic of epic piracy and great adventures on the high seas. YAAAAR!

Omiryn is a peaceful port town until the pirate Bailey and his crew come searching for Scarlet, a noblewoman of the city.
The city survives the attack but the next day, when Scarlet realises her son left with the pirates, she has no choice but to go to sea and face demons of her past.

In a sea torn by war, where pirates roam free and only the strong survive, follow a broken family as they sail through their biggest adventure.






Age: 36
Evan and Robin's mother.
A proud and fearless woman
with a dark past she wanted
to leave behind.
She won't have the choice
after the pirates' attack.


Age: 39
Captain of the Petrel and
leader of its pirate crew.
Manipulative and charismatic
he will stop at nothing to get whatever he needs... or wants.


Age: 15
Scarlet's daughter.
An apprentice for a local physician.
She's a smart young girl, very curious
and eager to learn but very shy and desperately afraid to be left behind.


Age: 17
Robin's half brother
and Bailey's hidden son.
A junior Rán Guard
who always get in trouble.
He is rash and shortsighted
but also very loyal and honest.





Members of the Rán Guard - from higher to lower ranks
The local army. They're here to keep order on the large territory of the Unwanted Seas.
Port factions are detached and stay on the islands but they are still under the command of the Rán Guard.

Lieutenant Thomas
Age: 34
A tough woman from Omiryn with a strong maternal instinct.

Age: 17
A junior who joined the ranks at the same time as Evan. 
Unlike him, Raphael is a centered and calm boy but that never stopped them from becoming friends.

The Petrel's crew - by order of appearance

Age: 44
Being the quartermaster of the Petrel, his authority is equal to the captain's aboard the ship.
Somehow he's the only one to have Bailey's full trust.

Age: 16
A  crewman who befriended Evan quickly due to their similar ages.
He likes to eat. A lot.
Age: 9
The youngest crew member.
He's very attached to Grim and usually stays with him.

Age: 34
A brutal man who always enjoys a good fight.
He prefers to work alone.

Age: 36
A former Rán Guard like Bailey.
His quality education and knowledge of the sea has led him to the position of sailing master.

Age: 29
The only woman of the crew
and a very resourceful character.
Carpenter and occasional surgeon of the crew
but most of all, musician at heart.

Age: 26
A lover of all that's beautiful and shiny: fine items of clothing, flower-scented women but more than anything, jewelries of all kind.
He hangs with Charlie most of the time.