7th Dec 2017, 6:11 PM

Chapter 4 - True Colors
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Moonsun on 7th Dec 2017, 6:11 PM

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After talking with some fellow comic artists (and to be totally honest, I was asking myself the question too) I decided to edit one little thing.

Until now I have called the military "the Marine" because I didn't have to explain what they are, you get it right away.
The problem is that unlike our very real world, the military that was first created in my comic is the one of the sea (Marine, Navy, you get the idea) so it's a completely different concept!
So when I say "army", what is implied is "sea-based" not "land-based".

In order to get rid of the whole confusion, I decided to rename the Marine and call them the Rán Guard. I have already edited older pages so it doesn't confuse new readers and this is how I will call them from nom on.

As to why it is called like that, maybe I'll tell someday, maybe not, maybe you can guess on your own, who knows... ^^

Thank you for reading this way too long message!